FinTech Disruption of the Financial Services Industry

By Julia Mariasova

As a financial services industry consultant and a filmmaker, it has been a while since I wanted to do my own video series on the subject in which I am personally interested. 

The Financial Services industry is undergoing a revolution called FinTech.  New technologies are disrupting the operations of traditional players and challenging their business models. FinTech startups are attracting billions in investment and offer the promise of more convenient, more affordable, more secure and increasingly more inclusive service propositions for consumers and businesses alike.  The financial ecosystem is experiencing a dramatic change, driven not only by regulation and major technological advances, but also by changing consumer preferences. 

Here is the first episode in our new business series "Demystifying FinTech", in which we are talking about why FinTech technologies are disrupting incumbent players. A new segment of tech startups challenge the traditional methods of financial business, in many cases offering consumers and businesses a way of completely bypassing the established banking system.    

If you have any feedback regarding the content or any requests on what we should cover in the next episodes, please comment below. 

We are also interested to invite speakers to make these videos not only educational for general public, but useful for professionals. 

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