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Eversholt Rail Group - Great Trains, Great People, Great Future (corporate video)

This video had been commissioned by Eversholt Rail Group Human Resources to showcase the job opportunities and corporate culture that makes the company stand out among other railway industry players.

Below is slightly different shorter version which was presented at the Eversholt employees offsite in September 2015 as part of the launch of their new slogan "Great Trains, Great People, Great Future.

Redenex Real Estate Business Tours

Redenex, the events management company, runs series of business tours for people who are looking to get inspiration from and share experience with their colleagues in other countries.  So far, Redenex runs this type of events for two industries - Real Estate and Retail.  

Watch the video showing the highlights of a Real Estate business tour organised for real estate developers.  

Huge thanks to Valerio Clio for assisting me on this demanding "on the go" shoot.

Quantum Waste - How Green is Your Recycling?

How Green is Your Recycling? Have you ever thought what happens to your waste when it is collected? Is it as green as you think it is?

This video is about Quantum Waste - a local waste management company who recycle in "greener" way compared to other larger waste management giants.  Their philosophy has three main components:

- minimum impact on carbon emissions

-  new jobs for areas where waste is collected

- very high recovery rates where no waste goes to incinerator or wasteland.

If you are looking for a new waste management suppliers, Quantum Waste might be the one for you.

For more information, please go to


Building BloQs - London Workspace and Community for Artists, Makers and Doers

Building Bloqs is not just a workshop for hire, it is so much more!  However, in the first place it is a collaborative community of artists, makers and doers who come together under one roof to share tools, knowledge and opportunities.

Having spent a few hours at Building BloQs, I got deeply immersed into incredibly friendly, creative and supportive atmosphere, where anyone with any level of skills is welcome.

All the facilities, including workshop, studio and cafe are located at North-East London.  You can learn more about Building BloQs on their website or FB page.

elow is the photo gallery for Building BloQs