Have a cupcake, Nigel!

For me family events are always the best.  Warm and loving atmosphere, and you can get away with silly presents.  This time my daughter baked some cupcakes for the 70th celebration of her granddad, and I could not resist making a short family celebration film.

No children were killed or injured during the filming of this video :-)

The Right Place

This short film opened a first Shorts on Tap Japanese night.  Directed by Kosai Sekine, this film was originally made for AdFest Remarkable 5 young directors session.
A winner of best short film in Young Directors Award Cannes Lions 2006, Film & Video Gold in New York Festival, Best Foreign Film in New York Short Film Festival, Diesel Film of the Festival in Raindance Film Festival. Official Selection of ResFest 2005, Onedotzero 10.  Enjoy!


Believe it or not, but this short film is a wedding video.  

Just watched an amazing presentation at online Cine Summit event - Kevin Shahinian on Story Telling Techniques that he uses to produce high-end event films which he calls "scripted narrative productions".  This is when instead of boring wedding video, you get almost a Hollywood version of it. 

What I find amazing that Kevin has written, produced and filmed the whole thing just by himself - without a crew.  Really impressive!

 Inspired by true events.  In Russian with English subtitles.



Open Your Eyes

Despite the fact that this movie was made as an advertisement for the equipment used in the film, I still think it is pretty cool short film.

In a dystopian future, the truth is hidden from citizens who have been put at the mercy of an authoritarian regime. Using the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ flying camera, our heroine flies out of the city and reveals the truth to everyone inside.


Preferably Blue

Warning:  Not suitable for children.

Preferably Blue is the story of a very lonely, and very bitter Easter Bunny - directed by Alan Dickson.  Fuelled by ego, jealousy, vodka and anti-depressants, Easter Bunny hatches a plan that will see the “holiday spotlight” shift from his old foe Santa, firmly back onto himself. But while he progresses his vodka fuelled plan, he learns something about himself that will change Christmas forever. 

The Phone Call

Watched this film at BAFTA Short Sighted event November 2014 as part of the discussion about film festivals.  The Director Mat Kirby told the story of being patient and waiting for best he could get for his film - i.e. Sally Hawkins, who gave an incredible performance and made me cry throughout the film.  Despite a difficult time of 3 months of rejections by various festivals, this film has now been a winner on many festivals and widely regarded as a candidate for Oscar.  Hope you enjoy it (be patient - it takes time to load it and click in the bottom right corner to roll it out to the whole screen).

The Station Master

A lovely short film by talented Norwegian director Jon Olav Stokke whom I met at the annual celebration of Shorts on Tap where the film was screened as one of the best films shown at the event during the year.

A lonely Station Master at a remote, rural outpost encounters a woman stranded overnight at his station, and after some hesitation, invites her to spend the night in the warmth of his humble home. This unexpected encounter reawakens the Station Master's enthusiasm for life as the two talk long into the night, but in the morning, when her train arrives, will she leave along with his heart?


Another addition for my collection from Director George Milton, who run an amazing workshop on how to direct actors at London Film Academy.  Infidel won "Best UK Short" award at the Raindance Film Festival 2009. 

Part of the Sins Of London triptych directed by George Milton, written by Mark Tilton and produced by Martino Sclavi.
"Chicken a l'Orange with a dash of Hitler makes for a chilling dinner party."

The Connoisseurs

By the time I saw this film, I have read the script, directed my own version of the story, and have heard 11 other versions directed by my fellow students at London Film Academy.  We did it at the Directing Actors workshop run by Director and Producer George Milton together with brilliantly patient actors James Groom and Mika Simmons who acted the script based on our instructions.  Amazing experience!  At the end we were presented with the DVD with three films directed by George Milton, including Infidel which won best short at the Raindance Film Festival.

A short comedy, part of the Sins Of London triptych directed by George Milton, written by Mark Tilton and produced by Martino Sclavi.  Cast: James Frost, Laurie Hagen, George Lenz, Stacey Roca.

"Con-nois-seur (n.): a person of refined sensibility and discriminating taste; one who professes to know about such matters." 

Below are photos from the workshop.