The Connoisseurs

By the time I saw this film, I have read the script, directed my own version of the story, and have heard 11 other versions directed by my fellow students at London Film Academy.  We did it at the Directing Actors workshop run by Director and Producer George Milton together with brilliantly patient actors James Groom and Mika Simmons who acted the script based on our instructions.  Amazing experience!  At the end we were presented with the DVD with three films directed by George Milton, including Infidel which won best short at the Raindance Film Festival.

A short comedy, part of the Sins Of London triptych directed by George Milton, written by Mark Tilton and produced by Martino Sclavi.  Cast: James Frost, Laurie Hagen, George Lenz, Stacey Roca.

"Con-nois-seur (n.): a person of refined sensibility and discriminating taste; one who professes to know about such matters." 

Below are photos from the workshop.