Eversholt Rail Group Corporate Video Assignment Completed

The harder you work on a project, the sweeter the celebration of its completion.  I have just finished working on a project which took quite a few months to shape and agree with the client.  

It was almost a year ago when I had a first conversation with Katariina Jalas, the HR expert and Executive Coach,  about the possible need for a recruitment video for the Eversholt Rail Group, which could be shown at campus recruitment events, as part of employee induction process, and at their website.   As a newly appointed Head of HR, Katariina immediately saw the potential of utilising social media for staff recruitment and cutting expense on inefficient recruitment agencies. LinkedIn proved to be the right tool for that, and the newly released budget was re-assigned to more critical marketing needs, and, with a bit of persuasion, the company was ready to experiment with the video content.  This is how I got involved in producing Eversholt's first ever corporate video. 

First of all, I need to say thank you to Katariina for trusting me as she knew well that my background was in financial services, and filmmaking came in much later.  

Second, huge thanks to Tricia Hayes who supervised my work at Eversholt, and who really impressed me by her attention to detail and high delivery standards.  So far I have not had clients who had film production experience, and it was a nice surprise that Tricia, due to her prior experience with video production business in Ireland, was so involved in the whole process. 

Finally, special thanks to Valerio Cilo who assisted me with the shoot and also helped me to move around all the heavy equipment.  I am looking forward to doing more work with you.

The videos have been presented at the Eversholt Rail Group's offsite on the 24th September 2015 where the management team also launched a new corporate slogan "Great Trains, Great People and Great Future".

Please read my article on the topic and watch my video - CLICK HERE