Shortlisted Productions is a video production business based in London.  

Our mission is to support the growing needs of our clients for social video marketing.  

We can uniquely bring more to the table than your usual corporate video production company:

Two of our founding members have many years of corporate life behind them and are thus well-placed to understand the needs of the different organisations they talk to. Julia Mariasova worked in the banking and finance sector for 20 years and is a skilled and experienced project manager, while Hamish Nichols still works as an executive coach, consultant and trainer with major multinationals, especially in the fields of marketing, PR, advertising and general consultancy. Both Julia and Hamish have found that clients appreciate our ability to understand their business needs, speak their language and approach everything we do in a highly professional manner.  

We believe that cinematic storytelling is the best way to engage, captivate, inspire and retain clients and employees. 


If you are a web-developer, a social media guru or a business development consultant, you are likely to have clients who need video content.  We are looking for partners to cross-sell our services.

We offer 15% commission for all new client referrals. 


1. Business Advisory

We will discuss with you your business, marketing and communications objectives and help you to develop your video marketing strategy.

2. Content creation/ Creative Design

We will work with you to develop creative ideas for your video content and help you decide on the look and feel of your film.


We will organise the shoot, find suitable locations, hire the equipment and bring in the crew that best suits your requirements and budget.



We will edit your video and give you an opportunity to review, provide feedback and request change prior to delivery of final cut.