Why you need video for your content marketing

Video is not the future of content marketing, it's the present. It's happening right here, right now.

Whatever research or forecasts you look at, there is a clear indication that video content is overtaking all other types of consumer internet traffic. There is simply no easier way to satisfy consumers' needs for information and entertainment.   And most well-established and new businesses alike are picking up on this trend.  

The vast majority of B2B organizations already use video in their marketing campaigns and will continue doing so, as it delivers a positive return on their investment.  

Whether you are an experienced marketer or a small business owner, you might have already allocated a budget to your digital advertising content.Now, let’s talk why you should use your budget wisely and invest it in video content.

1.  Reach and spread

In terms of its reach, video is peerless:    

  • It can be used across all digital advertising channels, including email marketing and social media. Video also remains one of the key tools to improve your SEO ranking.
  • YouTube, the second largest search engine, already receives more than one billion visitors every month - a phenomenon that cannot be ignored by business owners.    
  • Most social media platforms have realised the potential of video content and both Facebook and Twitter have extended their functionality to host videos.    
  • With the steadily rising  trend in mobile video consumption, video has unprecedented potential to reach any customer segment.    
  • Video sharing is becoming a huge part of most social channels and can be a hugely effective way to spread your brand message.

2. Cost 

With the latest developments in digital filming technology, production costs have fallen significantly, making high value video content more affordable. You can check out the pricing packages which we offer to our customers on our website.

3. Engagement and ROI    

  • Video advertising is perceived as less intrusive and more entertaining than other forms of digital content.  Research also shows that people trust information presented in videos more than other forms and that Internet users often find that video information is both more memorable and more helpful in their decision making process.
  • In addition, video content gives a lot of flexibility in getting your message across:  
    • you can project a sense of personality and authenticity, making your customers feel that they have got to know you.
    • you can use storytelling and music, provoking feelings which make your audience engage with you on an emotional level.    
  • If you are still not convinced, here are some other interesting facts you should know:
    • Entertaining videos increase not only brand awareness and brand association, but also purchase intent.
    • After viewing a video ad, users are more likely to take some sort of action, whether that is to check out a website, get more information or purchase your product or service.
    • Having a video on a landing page of your website increases conversion rates, and people spend more time on a site when there is a video.
    • Including video in your emails triples the click-through rate.
    • Combining video with written content also boosts client engagement.  Video content is effective.  It drives traffic to your site, it improves brand awareness, client engagement and conversion rates. It sells. 

So what are you waiting for? Showcase your expertise.  Explain your products. Tell your story! Engage your viewers visually and emotionally.  

Contact us to discuss your video production needs and get advice on your video marketing strategy.