White Screens, Public Speaking Tips and Better Ways of Talking to Your Customers

So you’ve got a message you want to put out to your existing and future clients?  
Now it’s time to discuss what would be the best way to deliver it!

Six Blocks of the Communication Process

6 blocks communicaation strategy.jpg

Hopefully you understand who your target audience is and why you want to contact them.  This will also drive your choice of communication channels and what your audience will be asked to do when they see your communication.  If you are a more advanced marketer, you might also want to measure the success of your communication.

For example, you might want to inform your existing clients of the recent additions to your product portfolio and hopefully make them buy more.  In this case you might choose to use an email newsletter sent to your client list.  This email will offer a download of the latest product catalogue or the research paper discussing the benefits of your new product or service.  These offers will be placed on the landing pages of your website, where you can measure how many downloads you have had, and further on you can measure how many conversions (sales) you have made as a result of this communication.

Or you might want to increase your brand awareness and generate new leads for your business.  In this case you may want to choose Facebook or YouTube advertising services, where you can define what type of audience you want to target, including age, location, interests, etc.  Having some giveaways at your landing pages will be a must, as it encourages prospect clients to register their contact details with you.  Again, you can set up measurement metrics to understand which channel delivered more leads. 

Finally, we would like to talk about the packaging of your content:  there are many options available and by no means should you try them all -  bullet point articles with photography, infographics, banners and videos!  However we would like to talk about videos.  

Lots has been said about the benefits of video marketing [refer to our earlier article], but somehow a lot of businesses shy away from videos, mainly for two reasons:  1) fear of looking silly on camera; 2) fear of ending up with poor quality video.  Secretly we all want to achieve that polished and professional look with a clean, white background in our videos, as seen in the ads of big brands.  We want to look confident and professional in our video presentation.  Well, we have a solution for you.  Let’s talk about white screens and public speaking training.

One of our clients Lin Sagovsky, the founder of Play4Real, commissioned us to produce a Public Speaking video series with a clean look and which draws attention to body language, breathing techniques while leaving enough space for graphics and animation.  The solution was to film Lin against a white screen.  

White screens allow you to achieve great looking videos. Having a clear background gives superb clarity, de-clutters your video and leaves space to add images and text.   This removes any distractions from your message thus gives you a better chances of influencing your audience.

You can watch the first two videos we created for Play4Real here:


If nothing else, you might enjoy Lin’s training in public speaking, which will help you look more confident in your videos. 

Filming with white screen requires certain skills and equipment.  If you get the lighting wrong, it will not work out as you intend it, so make sure that you choose filmmaker who has experience of working with green and white screens. 

And please don’t be shy to contact us to discuss your communication needs.  We would be happy to help you choose the best packaging for your message.