Nano Drops - Protective Car Coating - Commercial

The client NanoDrops is a start-up company launching a range of car protection products including sprays and coating for car interior and exterior.  The aim of the commercial is to demonstrate the use of nano coating products, and at the same time to make them look modern and cool.

Eco Kids Planet - Magazine Commercial

Password:    ecokids

On this assignment, we worked to the clearly defined requirements of the client, who provided the voiceover script and showed us some sample video clips of the competitors to give an idea of the required look and quality.  Not only we delivered that within the budget, but we have added some animation as a bonus. 

Alvine Capital Company Introduction - Alternative Investments Broker

We have been commissioned to produce 7 short videos for the relaunch of the Alvine Capital new website.  The videos are based on the interviews with the Founder and Managing Director of the company Thomas Raber and the Head of Investment Management Committee Stephen Isaacs.  

Key requirement for this project was simplicity and minimum distraction of the involved people from their core work.

Here is the company  introduction by Thomas Raber.

Below is the Investment Advice from Stephen Isaacs.

Eversholt Rail Group - Great Trains, Great People, Great Future (corporate video)

This video had been commissioned by Eversholt Rail Group Human Resources to showcase the job opportunities and corporate culture that makes the company stand out among other railway industry players.

Below is slightly different shorter version which was presented at the Eversholt employees offsite in September 2015 as part of the launch of their new slogan "Great Trains, Great People, Great Future.

Redenex Real Estate Business Tours

Redenex, the events management company, runs series of business tours for people who are looking to get inspiration from and share experience with their colleagues in other countries.  So far, Redenex runs this type of events for two industries - Real Estate and Retail.  

Watch the video showing the highlights of a Real Estate business tour organised for real estate developers.  

Huge thanks to Valerio Clio for assisting me on this demanding "on the go" shoot.

Denny's Uniforms - Aprons Commercial

This is our first product commercial which I filmed together with my fellow filmmaker Gabi Carpenter.  We were invited by 2 stylist students from the London College of Fashion. The job  was to implement the storyboard which they have created for Denny's Uniforms brand.  Was really exciting to see the work of the stylists and make-up artist who created different looks for 50s, 80' and modern days.  Pleased to say that our video ended up in the top 3!


This was shot in one day with "Let's make a scene" meetup group.  I did camera and editing, and this was also my first exercise in colour grading in DaVinci.  The writer/director Rocio subsequently decided to reshoot the film in a different style which we did over a few weekends in the summer 2015.  The next version of the film is in post-production.

Zendo is an immigrant from a small country living on a boat in London. He does not speak English, he can only speak Dromelo, so nobody understands him. He is a hard-working person, but socially isolated, insecure and lonely. One day he walks home from a night shift, and he meets a young woman, who could be his daughter, who becomes his only friend and companion...


The Night Escape

The Night Escape is a short comedy. A 17-years old Lisa is desperate to escape to meet her boyfriend Alan, but there is strict father on her way. Will he let her go out at this late hour?

Starring beautiful Rebecca Ward and talented writer/actor Mark Sweet.

The Night Escape has been shot on 16 mm film. This is my graduation film from the London Film Academy Filmmaking Certificate course.