Nano Drops - Protective Car Coating - Commercial

The client NanoDrops is a start-up company launching a range of car protection products including sprays and coating for car interior and exterior.  The aim of the commercial is to demonstrate the use of nano coating products, and at the same time to make them look modern and cool.

Eco Kids Planet - Magazine Commercial

Password:    ecokids

On this assignment, we worked to the clearly defined requirements of the client, who provided the voiceover script and showed us some sample video clips of the competitors to give an idea of the required look and quality.  Not only we delivered that within the budget, but we have added some animation as a bonus. 

Denny's Uniforms - Aprons Commercial

This is our first product commercial which I filmed together with my fellow filmmaker Gabi Carpenter.  We were invited by 2 stylist students from the London College of Fashion. The job  was to implement the storyboard which they have created for Denny's Uniforms brand.  Was really exciting to see the work of the stylists and make-up artist who created different looks for 50s, 80' and modern days.  Pleased to say that our video ended up in the top 3!