Family & Fun


This was shot in one day with "Let's make a scene" meetup group.  I did camera and editing, and this was also my first exercise in colour grading in DaVinci.  The writer/director Rocio subsequently decided to reshoot the film in a different style which we did over a few weekends in the summer 2015.  The next version of the film is in post-production.

Zendo is an immigrant from a small country living on a boat in London. He does not speak English, he can only speak Dromelo, so nobody understands him. He is a hard-working person, but socially isolated, insecure and lonely. One day he walks home from a night shift, and he meets a young woman, who could be his daughter, who becomes his only friend and companion...


The Night Escape

The Night Escape is a short comedy. A 17-years old Lisa is desperate to escape to meet her boyfriend Alan, but there is strict father on her way. Will he let her go out at this late hour?

Starring beautiful Rebecca Ward and talented writer/actor Mark Sweet.

The Night Escape has been shot on 16 mm film. This is my graduation film from the London Film Academy Filmmaking Certificate course.


Time was directed by Vaskar Kayastha at our Let's make a scene group meeting.  The task for that week was to create a short film based on the idea of 'space'. The film plays with the notion of space around the characters as well as between them. There is no dialogue - just one piece of poetry.

More excitingly, I finally had an opportunity to test my brand new gadgets including follow focus and new 1.5/35mm lens.  Happy with results, and Vaskar did an amazing job editing the film.





Boom! A night with Guy Fawkes

To celebrate the bonfire night, I spent the whole evening with London Meetup group Let's Make a Scene directing #shortfilm Boom! which contains violence, fights, blood and, more appropriately, explosions. Directing without having my hands on camera was one of the most challenging things I've ever done! But at the end we did manage to complete the story on time.  The whole thing was filmed and edited in one evening, so it might be not perfect...but I hope that it is as much fun to watch as it was to film.