The Right Place

This short film opened a first Shorts on Tap Japanese night.  Directed by Kosai Sekine, this film was originally made for AdFest Remarkable 5 young directors session.
A winner of best short film in Young Directors Award Cannes Lions 2006, Film & Video Gold in New York Festival, Best Foreign Film in New York Short Film Festival, Diesel Film of the Festival in Raindance Film Festival. Official Selection of ResFest 2005, Onedotzero 10.  Enjoy!


Another addition for my collection from Director George Milton, who run an amazing workshop on how to direct actors at London Film Academy.  Infidel won "Best UK Short" award at the Raindance Film Festival 2009. 

Part of the Sins Of London triptych directed by George Milton, written by Mark Tilton and produced by Martino Sclavi.
"Chicken a l'Orange with a dash of Hitler makes for a chilling dinner party."

The Connoisseurs

By the time I saw this film, I have read the script, directed my own version of the story, and have heard 11 other versions directed by my fellow students at London Film Academy.  We did it at the Directing Actors workshop run by Director and Producer George Milton together with brilliantly patient actors James Groom and Mika Simmons who acted the script based on our instructions.  Amazing experience!  At the end we were presented with the DVD with three films directed by George Milton, including Infidel which won best short at the Raindance Film Festival.

A short comedy, part of the Sins Of London triptych directed by George Milton, written by Mark Tilton and produced by Martino Sclavi.  Cast: James Frost, Laurie Hagen, George Lenz, Stacey Roca.

"Con-nois-seur (n.): a person of refined sensibility and discriminating taste; one who professes to know about such matters." 

Below are photos from the workshop.

How they get there

Feel-good romantic comedy which went a bit wrong - by Spike Jonze whose work include Being John Malcovich.

Watched it at London Film Academy as part of learning about dramatic shots contraction.  Really enjoyed it.

The tutor mentioned an interesting fact about the film:  a car crash stunt was filmed and not used for a feature film, so short film story was written specially to utilise that shot so that it wasn't wasted. 

The Lunch Date

Watched this film last night and it made me smile the whole day today.  A timeless masterpiece.

As per wikipedia, The Lunch Date is a 1990 American short film directed by Adam Davidson. In 2013 the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".  

The Boot

The Boot is a short black comedy film by Peter Boyd Maclean.  It was shot about 15 years ago on 35mm film and probably lost a bit of quality when digitised.  The film starred Kim Thomson and was shot in an old shopping centre in Tobacco Dock London.  The film won best cinematography at the New York Independent film festival and was selected into competition at the Venice Film Festival in 1998.  Beautifully made and very funny.